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  • 67% of people with diabetes don’t even know they have it.
  • 47% of Californians have Pre-Diabetes and are unaware.

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At Harbor Comprehensive Health, we’ve served the residents of the Harbor area for over 30 years and have helped thousands live their best life. Our comprehensive programs are designed to fit each person’s unique needs. The interdisciplinary medical team at Harbor includes medical doctors, functional medicine practitioners, chiropractors, pain management specialists, nutritionist and weight loss instructors. We combine the latest in expertise and technique with unparalleled support in the treatment and reversal of many chronic diseases. Follow-up care from our team and support from others on the same path, help clients change their lifestyles and navigate the transition to a healthier and a better way of life.


Statistics show that approximately 117 million (about 50% of all adults) suffer from one or more chronic conditions. 70% of people who die in the U.S. die due to a chronic disease. Type II diabetes and hypothyroidism are two of the most prevalent and frustrating conditions for patients.

Our functional medicine model has helped many type II diabetes patients change their condition, reduce and eliminate the need for prescription medication and insulin, lose weight, increase energy levels and quality of life. Simply put, we can help reduce & eliminate the risks for diabetic complications that can often lead to an early death.

Symptoms and Signs of Type II Diabetes

In its early stages, Type 2 Diabetes symptoms often come on gradually and may be quite subtle. Early signs of diabetes may include:

  • increased hunger and thirst
  • numbness or tingling in hands or feet
  • blurred vision
  • frequent gum, skin, or bladder infections
  • slow healing of cuts or sores
  • feeling tired
  • frequent infections
  • increased urination

Unfortunately, Type 2 Diabetes frequently remains undiagnosed until many years after it begins, when more serious complications appear. For this reason, the American Diabetes Association recommends that people age 45 and over be tested for diabetes at least every 3 years.

Adults who are overweight or obese and who have one or more additional risk factors should also be tested at least every 3 years, regardless of age.


We take a different approach to patients suffering from Type II Diabetes. We know just how urgent it is to support the comorbid conditions – such as heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and poor circulation – but it is also critical to fight the disease at its core. We offer a fresh and customized approach for each of our patients suffering from Type II Diabetes. With an innovative approach based on recent scientific advances, we may be able to help you begin to change the effects of your diabetic condition. We use an integrated testing approach that examines the body in great detail, yielding a sophisticated understanding of your complex physiology, including the key factors that may be contributing to your diabetes. The detailed findings from these tests, allow us to create a safe, personalized and effective treatment plan to help you regain your health and quality of life.

Diabetes hits home for me. My uncle Levi, was one of my favorite uncles because of his great attitude and his caring nature. Unfortunately, all that changed when he was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which caused him to suffer for many years before passing. My uncle was only 71 when he lost his battle with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes took him from our family bit by bit, piece by piece. Near the end of his life, he was actually wanting to go. I stood by watching the whole process because I was not aware of any treatments or procedures that would be beneficial at reversing his Type 2 diabetes. My uncle passed March 14, 2003. The current research, that I am now aware of, shows that Type 2 diabetes is in fact reversible for many. Unfortunately, it was not known to me while he was alive. My mission is to spread the word that there is hope for people with diabetes and the many other diseases that it creates. ~ Dr. Tim Collins, DC

Diabetes Program Testimonials

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