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Five Things Causing Inflammation in Your Body Right Now

Five Things Causing Inflammation in Your Body Right Now

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury and infection. It’s actually a good thing as long as it is under control. Inflammation should only last a few hours or days at most after you’ve hurt yourself or gotten a minor infection. If it persists, it could indicate that there are bigger problems with your body which require additional medical care and treatment.

There are a number of reasons why you’re experiencing inflammation in your body right. Here are five things that contribute to your condition:

  1. The Foods That You Eat. There are a number of foods that actually contribute to the swelling in your body. Inflammation-causing things to avoid include sugar, vegetable oil, fried foods, refined flour, dairy, synthetic sweeteners, and artificial additives as reported by website com.
  2. Stress. The stress hormone cortisol helps regulate inflammation. When you’re stressed to the max, however, your body is going to be more inflamed than usual. Learning how to positively deal with stress helps reduce inflammation. That’s why it’s important to determine the cause of your stress and do whatever it takes to rid your body of it once and for all. Diet, exercise, and even meditation can help reduce the stressful feelings that you’re experiencing.
  3. Smoking. Whenever you puff away on a cigarette, you’re allowing a small amount of inflammation to worsen existing problems according to Prevention. It could eventually lead to lung cancer, a life threatening disease that claims many lives each year. Stopping smoking is among the best things you can do for your health. If you need assistance with breaking the habit, you’ll find many programs designed to help you.
  4. Alcohol. The toxic by-products that the body produces as it tries to break down alcohol contributes to inflammation. Being mindful when having a drink or two helps reduce the inflammatory response in the body. Find other ways to unwind that are less taxing to your system. For example, why not take a walk with a friend, sip some fruit infused water or make a cup of chamomile tea instead?
  5. Gut Bacteria. Your intestines play home to 70% of your immune cells. That’s why many people get inflamed after eating certain foods. Simple dietary changes can help reduce the amount of inflammation a person experiences. By avoiding the list of foods from above and adding anti-inflammatory foods such as seeds and nuts to the diet, you’re able to improve the condition of your gut and ultimately your health. Seeing a nutritionist may be the next thing that your medical doctor recommends for treating your chronic inflammatory symptoms.

    Chronic inflammation causes concern because it can indicate more serious problems. If you haven’t had a chance to be seen for your condition, schedule an appointment with Harbor Comprehensive Health right away. It’s important that you receive functional medical care because it is the most beneficial and cost effective treatment there is. You don’t have to deal with inflammatory imbalances or autoimmune disease alone when there are medical professionals available to help you with your issues.

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